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Every spare minute I have goes into charting, reading the headlines or trying to figure out where the dollar will go next. The purpose of this website is to bring to you the most interesting videos and articles I find in the world of business and finance and, of course, my podcast. I go out and speak with the experts in the field and bring you their analysis so you can have an edge in your everyday trading.

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This is perhaps the greatest financial presentation I have seen (and trust me when I say I have seen a lot of them). Grant Williams has a mastery of the subject matter and can easily add humor along with one mind-boggling point after another. Brilliantly done, Grant.

Overall, 21 of the 35 largest housing markets have now surpassed the peak median home value set before the recession. Read More Here

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Jesse Felder

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Tim Knight

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Byron King

Episode 4 Part 1

Frank Jurs

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Frank Jurs

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Episode 1 - Jesse Felder

In this episode Jesse Felder joins Jill to talk about the FANG stocks, comparing this recent frenzy to the dot com mania. What happens if the winds change and the FANGs stop rising day after day? We also discuss the "Everything Bubble," what it is and what you can do to protect yourself from falling victim to it.

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Episode 2 - Tim Knight

My guest this episode is Tim Knight, who has been a trader since 1987. Knight founded Prophet, a web-based technical analysis company that was acquired by Investools (and, later, Ameritrade) in January 2005. In his professional role as a hedge fund manager today, Tim relies on technical analysis as the primary basis for his investment decisions. He also hosts a daily show on the TastyTrade network, Trading the Close. The interesting thing about Tim is he is not only a great chartist, but he is also a permabear. (Even if you eternally optimistic about the markets you can still gain insights from Knight.) In this episode we discuss charting, how Tim got his start in the business, his thoughts on the Federal Reserve and if he thinks the next crisis is just around the corner.

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Books authored by Knight:Panic, Prosperity, and Progress: Five Centuries of History and the Markets

High-Probability Trade Setups

Chart Your Way to Profits:

More books:

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards and Magee

Candlestick Charting

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Episode 3 - Byron King

In this episode I speak with Byron King. King is a Harvard-trained geologist and former aide to the United States Chief of Naval Operations. He writes for Agora Financial and is the editor of Jim Rickards' Gold Speculator. He is a gold and mining expert that was a presenter at the Sprott Natural Resource Conference in Vancouver, BC, where I was able to interview him. King explains what problems he sees on the horizon, why commodity prices have been going lower and why he is begging you to add gold and silver to your portfolio.

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Everyday Investor

Episode 4 Part 1 - Frank Jurs

In this episode I speak with Frank Jurs (@Occupy Wisdom). This is the first of two conversations with Frank. In part one we spoke about "how did we get here?" We cover the biggest concerns he currently sees in the economy, the build up to the dot com & housing bubbles and the Fed's response since 2008 that inflated the Everything Bubble. This interview took place on the phone August 12, 2018.

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Half of US Homes Are Now More Valuable Than Before the 2008 Bubble:

The Everything Bubble Is Ready To Pop:

Everything Bubble Waiting For a Pin:

Americans can't afford Middle Class Basics:

Everyday Investor

Episode 4 Part 2 - Frank Jurs

In this episode I speak with Frank Jurs (@Occupy Wisdom). This is the second of two conversations with Frank. In part two we spoke about the housing bubble, inflation and populism picking up, and what can millennials do to make sure they have a better quality of life than their parents. Please enjoy my phone interview with Frank Jurs.

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Student Loan Defaults:


Renting Has Spiked in America's 50 Largest Cities Over The Last Decade:

Housing Market is Showing Signs of Running Out of Steam:

Young Have Been Left Out Of US Boom In Housing Wealth:

Headwind Facing Housing:

Map of Where Americans Struggle to Afford Their Houses:

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Everyday Investor Host Jill Savage

Jill Savage is the host of the Everyday Investor podcast. She is also a reporter and host for Pac-12 Network. She has been with the Pac-12 since 2013 as a reporter and also conduct feature interviews for the Network's online platform. Additionally, Jill has covered the World Junior Hockey Championships for NHL Network now spanning four different countries. She has covered the Super Bowl for USA Today Sports and has hosted numerous radio shows ranging from a daily show for the Oregon IMG Sports Network, and Bleacher Report Radio and College Sports Nation on SiriusXM.


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